Our Story

Naturally Raw Pet Food is the result of an innocent chat between Tina and I (Niomi) on what was just an ordinary dog walk.

We were dreading either another 62 mile round trip or ordering online without seeing for ourselves what the products were like, it was decided that something more local was needed. Bringing with it not only the opportunity to browse and shop, but the ability to feed our dogs ‘the best’ available in raw feeding, treats, remedies and supplements too.

And so … Naturally Raw Pet Food opened in August 2018.

Owner Tina has been raw feeding her own dogs for over 8 years.

Tina has a wealth of knowledge from her own reading and research and plenty of experience in feeding her own dogs of various ages.


Tina - In her spare time Tina loves to train and compete in both obedience and agility.

She also attends local hooper classes and enjoys mantrailing.

Outside of the world of dogs Tina loves cheese, hats and time away in her caravan.


Archer – The face behind the logo!

In his younger days Archie loved pinching carrots from horse sacks.

He was Tina’s first competitive obedience dog, winning up and into novice. He also loved agility.

He occasionally suffered with ‘temporary deafness’ when sloping off to greet other dogs but always returned to ‘sweeties’ no matter how quietly it was whispered!

As loyal as they come. Archie took his final journey over rainbow bridge in 2020.

Very missed and forever loved.


Willow – An absolute dream of a dog. Eager to learn and a pleasure to train. She has such focus and is a fantastic all round working dog.

Sadly after reaching agility grade 5 Willow ruptured her cruciate and retired from agility in 2017. After rupturing a second cruciate she recovered well and still enjoys obedience, working A & B, and Hoopers.

She now spends her days keeping the boys in check.

Willow loves working alongside Tina and showing the boys how it’s done.


Fletcher – Everything Fletcher does out of the house is at 100mph and with maximum gusto. At home Fletcher is the total opposite and is the most laid back.

When working, every task is performed with oomph and vivaciousness.

Fletcher is happiest working and learning tricks.

Fletcher enjoys chasing his spaniel friends and loves a game of tug.


Rowan – Rowan joined the family from a rescue. He came with fear aggression and did bite as a result. Tina and Rowan have worked their socks off and overcome many issues. Although Rowan can still be a tad nervous, he is very much a changed boy.

Rowan loves a cuddle and is very quick to learn new tricks.


Reeva – The youngster of the pack, that many of our customers have seen grow into the beautiful dog that she is.

Raw weaned and minimally vaccinated, Reeva is the poster girl for natural dog health.

Not only is her obedience training coming along nicely, she's also doing her own teaching; and has successfully taught Rowan the art of play.

Reeva has the sweetest nature with the sweetest little face, an all round perfect pup.

I (Niomi) have been helping Tina behind the scenes since that initial dog walk, a few years ago now. I am usually the person behind any kind of technology, social media and email.

I officially joined the Naturally Raw Team in Summer 2020.

Together we look over every aspect of any new product, examining all the ingredients and other contents, researching and making decisions on what is the best product for everyone’s pets, not just our own.


Niomi – I joined the team full time in 2021 but have been a part of the business since the initial idea.

I have 2 Sprocker’s and 4 cats at home.

I love reading anything and everything on raw feeding and my book collection is rapidly growing.

In my spare time I enjoy anything Harry Potter.


Chief – My first ever spaniel and together we began our raw feeding journey, a little over 4 years ago.

Although a little nervous and unsure at times, Chief is also as daft as a brush. He can sometimes be a little dramatic, this usually involves a chasing Collie!!

He absolutely loves life and his tail wags 24/7.


George – George has been a handful since he arrived at 9 weeks. Quickly learning to escape or jump anything that was meant to confine him.

Super smart and very strong willed, George does better with something to do.

He loves agility and a ball. At home he can usually be found sprawled on the sofa with a stolen tea towel.